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Special offer - get ALL!

Special offer - get ALL!

$75.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price

Physical copies of "Stairway to the Stars" plus "Human Dust Suite", "Miki" and "Songs Without Lyrics" with a special deal (all autographed!)


"Stairway to the Stars" (Outside in Music, 2021) - Feat. Mark Turner(tenor saxophone), and Orlando le Fleming(bass) 


"Human Dust Suite" (Outside in Music, 2020) - Feat. Jochen Rueckert(drums), Anthony Orji(alto saxophone), and Orlando le Fleming(bass) 


"Miki" (Cellar Live, 2018) - Feat. Bill Stewart(drums), Steve Nelson(vibes), and Orlando le Fleming(bass)


"Songs Without Lyrics" (Independent, 2012) - Feat. Lawrence lo Leathers(drums), Tivon Pennicott(sax/flute), and Spencer Murphy(bass)
(Miki Yamanaka Music/BMI)

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